Creating With Lights

Nothing much left

One of the best sunset i've seen in my trip to Death Valley. I used a 4x ND filter while taking this picture.

Dawn at Monolake

This picture is taken at 4:45 in the morning.

Thanks Marc

At the sunset, Marc decided to run in the dunes and I made this wonderful picture.


Notice the screaming face in the clouds.

Father and Son

We waited for the moon to set in order to have a dark sky. This picture took app 2.5 hours.


A couple of hour after I arrived near Bishop after 6 hour drive, I couldn't resist this river that goes like a snake.

Can't sleep with this view

Who can sleep with this view... I guess no photographer can before he make a good picture. :) It was so hard to set the tripod where my eyes were in order to take the exact view. Yes no mistake 600 seconds at 5,000 iso.

Vieux Port

While in Old Montreal at blue hour, couldn't resist this lady with her bicycle

Let's work !

This is one of the last pictures in the series. Before the sun completely rises, the goose get organized and goes all in the same direction.

Standing alone in the dark

Just want to point that the light in the back in Las Vegas and not the sunrise.

Mono Lake

This lake is so pretty and photogenic.

A walk in Amsterdam

On vacation with my tripod, couldn't resist this romatic scenery.


This is an experiment with an infra red picture and post work using Capture NX, Lightroom and Photoshop. Since the sun is Absent in Quebec this year, I am dealing with a foggy sky, it was at sunset. Some work includes, reverse channels, painting and white balance.

Freezing fall

It was -8 Celsius in a late after noon where you can barely see the sun. Was lonely in this Tylee Marsh In Rosemere Quebec. Best conditions to try different technics.